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"Since the reappearance of the classical nude in the quattrocento, each generation of artists has represented the beauty of the human form in their own style. Joseph Sheppard has added to this oeuvre with a strong authority, a richness of invention and a dramatic quality."

Dr. Paul A. Chew, Director
Westmoreland Museum of Art
Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 1993

"What do you call a person who draws, paints in oil, tempera and watercolor, sculpts and writes books on anatomy and drawing, and does all of the above extraordinarily well? Surely a genius. Joseph Sheppard must be the reincarnation of a Renaissance artist... He certainly is an interesting mix of the past and present. If you take one part Michelangelo, add an equal part of Bernini, stir in the taste of Rubens, and season with dashes of marsh, Sloan and Bellows, you have Joseph Sheppard."

Joseph Veach Noble
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Brookgreen Gardens Museum
of American Sculpture
Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, 1992

"No realist in recent years is more accomplished than Joseph Sheppard."

Claude LeSuer
New York, New York, 1989

"Goya, Daumier, Bellows and Sloan and Marsh, Rubens and Vermeer, all have their place in the formation of Joseph Sheppard, and his work may stand easily in the presence of any."

Dennis Wepman
New York, New York, 1987

"Joseph Sheppard's beautiful drawings reveal an artist who is passionate about the human figure, superbly trained in traditional craftsmanship, profoundly enriched by his study of the masters, yet always deeply rooted in realism."

Donald Holden
Editorial Consultant
Watson-Guptil Publications
New York, New York, 1980

"He draws, paints, lithographs, uses oil, tempera, watercolor, and sculpts... Joseph Sheppard has in his hands the gift of an astonishing technique that lets him do them all."

Romolo DeMartino
La Nazione
Florence, Italy, 1978

"He is luminous, glowing, grand..."

Herald Tribune
New York, New York, 1963

"Gifted with a grand facility for drawing and possessing a profound knowledge of the masters."

Review Modern
Paris, France, 1959

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