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"With unwavering attention to mastering the details of human anatomy, Joseph Sheppard has translated the Old Masters' tradition Into his figurative paintings and sculptures."

Peggy Grant
American Artist Magazine
United States, July 2001

"Sheppard has the look of an extrovert and the daring of an innovator. What is surprising about that? Were not all the great historical, religious, political and artistic innovations achieved by imagining a return to their origins."

Manilo Cancogni
L'Osservatore Romano
Vatican City, June 2001

"It is very gratifying to find an artist of Sheppard's maturity and significance continuing to portray the realism of the human figure...each generation of artists has represented the beauty of the human form. J.S. has added to this oeuvre with a strong authority, a richness of invention and dramatic quality."

Dr. Paul Chew, Director Emeritus
Westmoreland Museum of Art
Sculpture Review
Greensburg, Pennsylvania, Summer 2001

"No realist in recent years is more accomplished than J.S. He seems to be a reincarnation of the Renaissance artists ..."

La Nazione
Florence, Italy, February 2001

"Sheppard takes us back to the deepest and most authentic essence of painting and sculpture. The bodies in his drawings and sculpture recall the studies of Leonardo De Vinci, an expert in every art and skill."

Massimiliano Simoni,
Councillor for Culture
Il Terrano
Italy, September 2001

"Sheppard the triumph of figurative art. His art is a return to the past and paradoxically by going against the current it becomes innovative."

Il Giornale della Toscana
Italy, September 2001

"A contemporary artist who seems to have 're-emerged' from that classic antiquity which is apparent in his work."

Rivista Interni
Italy, September, 2001

"If you take one part Michelangelo, add an equal amount of Bernini, stir in a taste of Rubens, and season with dashes of March, Sloan, and Bellows you have Joseph Sheppard."

Joseph Veach Nobel,
Brookgreen Gardens
Il Terrano
Italy, August 2001

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